My Recovery

Yesterday was horrendous. I’m not a baby when I get sick and I complain about feeling I’ll but only to myself as I realize it benefits no one, not even myself. I felt so awful there was one point where I wished I was dead. That’s right, dead.

I took the prescribed meds and went to sleep. Once again I woke bathed in sweat so bad one would have thought I had run a marathon. My son had purchased two Super Mighty burritos for me from Mighty Taco. I ate but tasted nothing. In fact I ate only one and one-half of the burritos. Having the flu is a great way to lose weight but I wouldn’t recommend it. I stayed up to watch a little Conan and wrote a couple of blog posts. I began to feel a little better bur was afraid it was more psychological seeing I had just begun taking the new meds.

I went to bed at midnight and woke at 8:30. I slept through the night. I had no recollection of waking at any point. I thought hard about this because the pain in my chest was incredible. The coughing I had done over the past couple of days, I was surprised I didn’t break a rib or two.

It looks as though I’ll be going back to work today. The amount of “work” which has piled up at my day job and at my own business concerns me. It’s ironic; when we become ill it’s usually a sign for us to slow down. A sign we have exceeded our bodies capacity to keep up with our life. When we begin feeling better we jump back into life with all of the vigor we had prior to becoming ill and hope we don’t become ill again. What insanity. I really don’t like living my life like this and the genesis of this blog is in fact this concern. This has been a change I have been working to make for several years. Unfortunately when you start a business and the economy tanks at the same time you are pretty much forced to do double duty…and I hate it because something always suffers. The best I can do is minimize the amount of suffering my family, my photography clients and my social work patients receive. When I sit down to focus on one of those areas, that’s it. That’s what I focus on…that area.

Thanks for reading.



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1 thought on “My Recovery

  1. Your post reminds us that we need to try to slow down, but how difficult it can be at times when we are pulled in many directions. I am happy you are feeling better. You have a lot going. Hope you take it easy getting back into the routine.

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