Post Race Party or Post Race Illness

I completed the Polar Bear 5K in a time of 28:08. My time was good enough to secure tenth of twelve in may age group and 119th overall.

After completing the race and after changing in the toaster, I drove to my parents home where I snow-blew the driveway. I returned home and fixed my snowblower. After a nice hot shower I noticed a nagging cough. My limited medical training told me the cough was more than likely related to breathing in the cold 25-degree air over the 5K race course. If that was the case I would feel better in the morning.

Morning came and the cough remained. I was not alarmed. I knew being my first race and a winter race I would also feel really sore. The accompanying soreness was in fact present. My calves felt as though they had been beaten with a stick. Again I thumbed everything off to “post-race soreness.”

I picked up my Tim Horton’s coffee and after arriving at work consumed its dark goodness with a bagel and orange bran muffin. As a quick aside, the muffin was really good and I lost on the “Roll-Up-The-Rim” on my coffee cup.

As I engaged my first patient in a counseling session I began to feel the tell-tale signed of the flu. As my second patient entered my office and her counseling session began, I began to hope my third patient of the day would not show up. My hope prevailed. I completed my paperwork and after wrestling with my Catholic guild, decided I would be better off going home and to bed. My body ached, my he ached and my body’s temperature vacillated between sweating and freezing. All of this punctuated by chills.

I arrived home, stripped down and jumped into bed. It took me all of 5-minutes to fall asleep and sleep I did. I awoke some four hours later and slowly consumed a hot bowl of chicken soup. I retired to bed again this time for another 4-hour stretch. This one again, off again sleep cycle would be my companion throughout the night. My only hope was sleep would find me rapidly and my body’s defense system would combat the infection and reduce the 101.6 temperature which caused me to sweat under the comfort of the flannel sheets.

I woke in the morning and made the necessary phone calls to my supervisor, defending my need to remain home in bed. Back t bed again. I checked my temperature and was happily greeted by a 99.9. I contacted my doctor and requested an appointment. One was granted for 12:30. Back to bed again. My alarm sounded 45-minutes later, a reminder to get my butt up and into the shower so I can make it to the doctor in time.

A hot, and I mean hot shower was enough to make me feel a little bit better. I washed away the sweat. As I exited the shower I was reminded of the fact I’m still sick. The chills began almost immediately. I fought them off telling myself leaving the house for the doctor’s office was a good thing.

I arrived at the doctor’s office and waited the customary 30-minutes but at the same time thankful his office was willing to work me into the schedule. My hope is to walk out of the office with a prescription for an antibiotic; something which would help me to feel better. He did now off to the pharmacy and off to bed. I’ll see everyone tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be feeling better.

Thanks for reading.



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