Making Sense

Now it’s beginning to make sense.

I have never been one to take medication of any kind unless I have tried everything else and nothing is working. I look at life and its many surprises and say “It is what it is.” That isn’t to say I walk around with severe pain but “suffering” is part of life and if I can remedy the problem on my own I would feel more comfortable doing that.

In an earlier post I had said I was hoping my doctor would prescribe something to help ease the pain and discomfort of the flu symptoms; you know the ones I’m talking about. I won’t go into detail here, just let your imagination run wild.

I walked out with 75mg of Tamiflu. I had never taken this medication before and just hoped it would do it’s job and do it fast. It did. It was enough that I could comfortably return to work the next day.

I returned home from work the next night at 8:30 PM. I felt better. My appetite had improved. I went to be around 10:00 PM that evening and found myself lying in bed until i finally fell asleep at 4:00 AM. The alarm started me and to be quite honest, I felt like crying. The thought of having to return to work, supervise my intern and complete therapy with patients, not to mention the assortment of other responsibilities frightened me. I wasn’t sure how I could remain awake.

I played out several scenarios in my head. I thought my intern could sit in another office during the time we normally eat lunch. I’d lock my door and give myself an opportunity to bag a few zzz’s. Calling in sick crossed my mind again but my Catholic upbringing quickly put a stop to a stop to those thoughts.

Off to work I went. Extra large black coffee in hand. Hoping in hope I would be able to remain awake.



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