Thank God for the weekend

I know this post is a couple of days old so we’ll just go ahead and apply it to this coming weekend.

It’s the weekend…and thank God!

It’s been a Hellacious week in so many ways.

First the flu. Of course that’s still hanging around. Someone had said earlier in the week the sun was to be seen here in Western New York. It’s debatable. I need proof. As I was lying in bed hallucinating with fever I noticed it did look brighter but I’m not willing to hang my head on what my eyes may have seen. Now it’s raining and the price of gas is shooting up yet again. As a quick aside, what I have liked about the rise in gas prices in the past is how we’re told “The tensions in the Middle East” cause the price of oil to increase. So gas goes up literally overnight. Now here’s where, like some kind of imbecile I try to use logic. When the “tensions in the Middle East” begin to subside why does it take months for the price of gas to lower? I’m just asking? Well it ones down to the oil companies, the saints that they are trying to wring every last profit from us while they can. (Enough of that rant. We’ll save that for another post.)

It’s not like I have time to do anything today, that would have taken me outside so I could have some fun, some respite before returning to the grind of the work week, I’m just sayin’.



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