Disaster Have a Way of Re-centering Us

I began to write this post the day of the horrific earthquake in Japan long before Neil Cavuto did a piece similar to this on his show on Fox & Friends.

I arrived at the gym at 5:00 AM, hopped on the treadmill, began my run and looked up at one if the televisions hanging overhead. I watched in disbelief as a 30′ wall of water literally wiped out the towns and city’s in its path. I continued my run I became lost in thought. My thoughts focused on the people who lost their lives as well as their loved ones. My thoughts focused on their need to band together and to work together to rebuild their lives.

It’s unfortunate it takes a natural disaster to force us to think about the importance of such things. We otherwise run around living our lives as if we are the only ones who matter.

I attended the Rochester Make-A-Wish Gala last week and had a similar conversation with one of the attendees.

It is sad it takes something like a fund-raising event or a natural disaster to ground us.

Look at your life. Look at what you contribute. Don’t be that person who takes and takes and continues to stand with their hand out. Give something back. It doesn’t have to be huge, just give something back. Trust me, you’ll feel better in the morning.

The Buddha taught us that when we give to others, we give without the exception of reward. We give without attachment to the gift or the recipient. We practice to release greed and  self-clinging.



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1 thought on “Disaster Have a Way of Re-centering Us

  1. This post speaks volumes! There are so many people who go through life, not only not giving back, but never thinking of anyone but themselves. The past week has been quite a disappointing one as I experienced several instances of selfishness and unkind, thoughtless behavior. Even someone that is considered a friend behaved in a way that I would never think of behaving. Not only do most people not give back, they don’t even give a second thought of how their behavior affects others. The most important gift we can give is compassion even in the face of other people’s selfishness and unkindness. Audette learned this lesson just this past week. I have faith that she will be a very kind and compassionate person as she grows into a young lady.

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