I practice this everyday. It’s a wonderful technique which allows me to see the inner workings of my brain. The thoughts as well as the motivation for these thoughts.

When I run I am always thinking. A poor run is a run where my only focus is completing the run. On these runs it is difficult for me to find my rhythm. My breathing feels forced and my feet as if they are encased in blocks of hardened concrete.

A good run is marked by the opposite. My breathing is in synch with everything around me. My footsteps feel effortless and if not for time, the run could go on forever. My thoughts flow as easily as water from an opened tap. I feel like I am capable of solving all of the problems in the world. These are the runs I enjoy.

On these runs my thoughts often turn to mistakes I have made, people I have hurt and foolish decisions I have made. What becomes clear on these runs are the answers I seek so as not to make the same mistakes again and again. It is the gift of introspection and my willingness to open my mind to this gift which allows me to see inside.

When I look inside I look to myself, not in an arrogant manner but in a manner which allows me to see my role in the decisions which have been made. Many of us do not choose this path for if we are to look inside and see our mistakes means we must acknowledge and own our mistakes. Many of us decide this is a goal unworthy of us and instead we plan to place responsibility for such actions on others around us. We either cannot or do not wish to see how we again hurt others through this behavior.

My meditation practice has been helpful to me as it allows me to see the things I must see in order to make the improvements I must make.

Take a few minutes each day to replay your day; the decisions which you have made and how they may have contributed to the happiness of unhappiness of yourself as well as those around you. Ask yourself what you can and more importantly willing to change. Once you have completed those tasks be mindful of your words and your actions and make the changes which you have identified.



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1 thought on “Introspection

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and had to reread it several times. What a wonderful thing to do everyday.

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