Returning to Solitude

Another week has hustled by leaving the first half of April completed and in the books.

I concentrated my energy this past weekend catching up on lost sleep. Seems this is just what the doctor ordered. I felt renewed when I woke Saturday morning. I had slept 12-hours. I was careful not to overdo it as this has been my M.O. I resisted the urge to lace up the running shoes and go for “a little run.” That day would come soon enough.

That day arrived Tuesday. I woke easily at 5AM. I dressed and laced up the running shoes and walked to the gym. One dread-mill remained. It was along the window. I claimed it for myself. Oddly enough it was the same dread-mill which I enjoy using when I am forced to run indoors. At one point I was sure I heard this machine laughing at me as it reminded me I had not engaged in any cardio activity for the past 3-weeks. I dismissed the voices and pushed the start button. My muscles quickly remembered what was required of them. The miles began to tick away toward the goal of completing four miles.

A little past the halfway point it dawned on me I had not brought my iPod. The rest of the second mile seemed to drag as if to remind me again of the three-week layoff from which I was mounting a return. The lack of distraction forced me to focus on the discomfort caused by three weeks of inactivity. As the third mile approached my body began to nag me. As I continued to run the protest grew louder and thoughts of stopping raced through my head. I thought, “What will people think?” I continued and fought through the discomfort. I glanced at my heart rate monitor. My heart rate increased to a point where I knew I was becoming exhausted. There was less than one-quarter mile and I knew at that time I could complete the run.

I walked home from the gym with a smile on my face. I was back. I reminded myself to take the return easy. Another 6-weeks of illness was something I do not wish to revisit.



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2 thoughts on “Returning to Solitude

  1. Your perseverance is a quality shared by few. It is to be commended! You obviously give it all you’ve got and then some!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa for the wonderful comments.

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