One place to visit before I die.

I have traveled a tremendous amount in my life. Most of these travels have been done in my mind or vicariously through others.

One place I have always wanted to visit is Yosemite National Park.

I have visited this park many times in my mind through interactive websites, photographs, third-party descriptions and the writings of John Muir. No matter how much I read, Yosemite remains a dream destination for me.

The descriptions of Yosemite Falls and the Yosemite valley as written by John Muir are so eloquently descriptive they leave me longing for more. As a small boy I was always attracted to the outdoors and the solitude which one can find in these remote areas. I am thankful my father introduced me to some of these areas locally. Being around others is something I must do. Being around others is partly a choice of my employment. Being by myself and enjoying the accompanying solitude is a choice. It is my choice.

When I run, thoughts of solitude are my constant companion. I look forward to becoming lost in my thoughts. More often than not I can be found running alone where the conversation and thoughts remain mine and mine alone. It is often during these runs that my mind travels west and the sights taken in by John Muir many years ago become my destination.

I have traveled to Yosemite many times in my mind. Yosemite remains a “real” goal for me and it is a goal which I work toward daily.

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1 thought on “One place to visit before I die.

  1. I wish you the best at reaching your goal!

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