Abide in the simple

Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.

(Author: Michael Rad)

My top three dreams…I had to think about this for some time before responding.

My first and probably my most important dream is to build my photography business into a full-time self-sustaining business. My second dream is to continue to develop my writing through blogging. I have tossed around the idea of writing a book for about the last dozen years. My third goal, and I go back and forth on this one is to run a full-marathon. When I was much younger this was an important goal…now…not so much. I think I’ll change that goal to running a half-marathon.

Now for the difficult part of responding to this prompt is defining…or admitting what is holding me back.

OK, so here it is…FEAR!. I wrote this statement and then made a very conscious decision to walk away from this post to really ponder my thoughts. This in and of itself can often be a fairly dangerous proposition for me because I can really conjure up some intense thoughts if I give myself the opportunity. Come back after break and let’s talk about what’s new.

I’m back!

OK so here’s the truth.

My children are 22 and going on 19. The fear of raising my children is a distant memory. My wife works part-time. I have enough money put away to get me through 3-4 months. Health insurance is a concern but thankfully we are all healthy. The debt load I have other than car payments is virtually nonexistent. I know have a clear understanding of the choices I have. I can follow the rest of society like lemmings to the brink of the cliff and jump or I can march at my speed. I prefer and have chosen the latter.

I started running again last September after 20-years of on again, off again running. I was injured quite a bit. I made adjustments to my stride and have only missed one week since starting again. My mileage each week continues to increase at a safe frequency. I am averaging 30-mile weeks with only one week off due to injury. My longest run was a 12-miler last week. I have my eyes on a half-marathon later this summer. Registration is in, training is going smoothly and I feel ready.

I was writing 2-3 times each week not including my wedding photography blog which is published twice each week. The #Truth30 series has been very helpful. I have missed only a couple of days and today am OK with the decision to not write. I have enjoyed the increased number of readers my blog has attracted and the wonderfully supportive comments I have received from readers. My writing needs work but I am not arrogant enough to not admit this. I have been asking for and receiving help and have been brainstorming ideas for a book. I feel well prepared to move my writing to the next level.

As far as my wedding photography business is concerned…I am happy where I am. I fired the individual I hired to help me make changes to my blog. I changed my pricing schedule to discourage couples who want a “cheap” photographer. As a result of that decision and the economy my business has fallen off. I am also OK with that.. It has only been 2.5 years. I have worked toward the diversification of my photo business and have begun to book senior portraits and graduation photos. I am happy with my progress.


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1 thought on “Abide in the simple

  1. I enjoy reading your writing in this series of writings. Your dreams are admirable and quite diverse! I love the way you are able to consistently assess where you are in your journey to achieve these dreams!

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