Speak what you think.

Speak what you think now in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Imagine your future self, ie, you 10 years from now. If he/she were to send you a tweet or text message, 1) what would it say and 2) how would that transform your life or change something you’re doing, thinking, believing or saying today?

(Author: Tia Singh)

I received a tweet today; ten years after beginning my wedding and portrait photography business. It contained only 16-characters, far fewer than the Twitter allowance of 140. It contained one word, “Congratulations!” A smile rapidly crossed my face as I read and reread the tweet.

I am unsure if the Tweet I received was life transforming, It would be life affirming.

I like the photographic work I produce and take great care to produce the best work I am capable of producing. I read and practice constantly because I know I am not capable of knowing everything there is to know. I am okay with this fact and I am okay with the additional effort I must expend. I am proud of the work that I complete and smile brightly when I receive feedback from clients who tell me they are happy with the outcome. Honestly, if I didn’t need to charge my clients, I wouldn’t. I also realize there will always be individuals for whom my dream for a successful photo shoot will be overshadowed by their definition of perfection.

This unhappiness, real or perceived was something which I struggled with immensely over the years until I realized it was my own definition of perfection; a definition so high it might be unattainable by any human being.

Congratulations Chris on your continued success!


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4 thoughts on “Speak what you think.

  1. That is a mighty, and great, way to end on a pure, positive note Chris. Great tone from Self to self.


  2. It’s quite apparent that your enthusiasm, effort, and commitment have resulted in the kind of success that you seek in your photography and in your writing! Success in terms of personal gratification, which is ultimately the most rewarding kind. Kudos to your continuing success in both endeavors!

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