I am a morning person.

I read a really awesome post by “Barefoot Angie Bee” this morning. I was so inspired by her post I thought I needed to share my own thoughts on the topic of morning running.

 I am a morning person. I am not a night person.  

Let me begin by saying, “I am not crazy” although this is debatable by those who know me. I love to “Run Smiley.” More on that a little later.

I have been a morning person for as long as I can recall. 9 PM rolls around and my eyes begin to flutter closed, heavy with sleep. My definition of “sleeping in” means no later than 7 AM. My body naturally begins to wake. The birds outside my window during the summer don’t help with sleep but often aid as a natural alarm clock.

The thought of running after work is not appealing to me. The air is heavy and smells of automobile exhaust. I have no desire to play a game of Frogger as I navigate local roadways heavy with traffic composed of drivers eagerly trying to get home in record time. I don’t blame them. There are the occasions when my day has been such that an after-work run would prove potentially more therapeutic than one of my own therapy sessions. I still prefer a solitary morning run to help get me energized and off to a balanced day.

On the occasion I do complete a run after work, I’ll stop at a local cemetery and complete several laps of the ¾-mile long loop. There is no traffic and certainly the residents will not put up any resistance or express their concerns regarding my presence.

I love to run.  It’s that simple.  I love the feeling of propelling myself forward through time and space of my own accord.  It’s not a matter of wanting to run it’s now a matter of making the time to run in order to remain a sane human being.

I rise easily most mornings. I part the window blinds and look East with high hopes of seeing the sun. My mood lightens a great deal when I recognize the sun will be a companion of mine. I turn on my computer and click on Pandora for a little musical accompaniment as I stretch. The time when I stretch is in itself meditative. Before I head out the door I sit down for a minute and give thanks for my health and my ability to rise without assistance. Outside, my watch searches for a signal from the GPS satellites racing overhead. A signal is locked and I’m out on the move. The first few steps might be cause for concern as my muscles protest their continued tightness. That feeling goes away within seconds and with my eyes focused ahead I head down the road. I run happy without a care in the world.  I am humbled.

I return from my run sweat dripping from my brow. I stop the timer on my watch and smile as it calls out the time and distance. The time is a matter of record. The distance I run is determined by how I feel. Now I feel refreshed, mellow and ready for the day.  There has been lots of talk about  running smiley lately. Running blogs abound with this concept which is simple.  I vow to run when I want to and to not run when I don’t want to. I need to remind myself of that and take a different perspective to my running.  I love to run and I don’t want to lose that. I run smiley…with a smile on my face. I am friends with the early hours. Being happy is work sometimes.  Its being able to see past the present discomfort and believe that it will change and the good feelings will come.

I now consider you my friend and ally in this whole happiness thing.  Thanks for your sunshine and cool breezes and sorry it has taken me so long. I will send out my good feelings to the world in return for your loveliness.
Yours Truly,
Angie Bee

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1 thought on “I am a morning person.

  1. This is beautiful. I want this. I am a late sleeper and the few times I have been outdoors before sunrise were strange and mystical for me. I love your quote, “Being happy is work sometimes.” As I promised myself to be more mindful in self care and fitness for 2016, your post has inspired me to start this soon. I’m not a good runner but I can be one day.

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