Sometimes I don’t want to run

This morning I woke at 4:30 AM. It’s only 20-minutes earlier than I normally rise but it felt like hours earlier.

I love to run in the morning. It’s a great way to begin my day and helps me achieve a level of balance which might be more difficult to achieve if I did not run.

This morning would be different. The alarm sounded and I sat up in bed. My ears strained to hear a sound which I hoped I would not hear. I heard silence, what I was hoping to hear…the lack of rain.

I pushed myself out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, took my meds and did a couple of other things. My fingers parted the blinds. I looked outside and still no rain. I made my way to the basement where I donned my running shorts and slipped on my running shoes. I grabbed my headlamp, flicked it on to ensure the batteries were still charged and slipped the headband onto my head. I did some stretching and I was ready to run.

I made my way upstairs and stopped dead in my tracks. I strained my ears to hear what sounded like rain. It couldn’t be. I took another step closer to the door and listened again. There it was…the sound I did not wish to hear; rain.

My head fell and my chin touched my chest. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know I LOVE to run in the rain. I enjoy a light rain not the torrential downpour which I was hearing. To make sure my ears weren’t deceiving me I headed for the back door. I oped the door and peered out. My ears were not deceiving me; it was pouring. The gym with its trusty treadmills briefly crossed my mind. It’s only a block away. My mind quickly retreated from those thoughts as the dreaded treadmill would become my best friend and close companion within the next few months.

I headed back to the basement where I changed again. I headed back to bed, reset my alarm, slipped under the blanket and pulled them close to my head.

I briefly thought of the weather report which called for more of the same weather for the remainder of the week. As I shut my eyes I thought, “One day at a time.” 90-minutes later my alarm sounded again. This time I would have to get up and stay up.

Sometimes I don’t want to run.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes I don’t want to run

  1. I like this post for two reasons. Number one,I simply enjoy reading your writing because you are very creative. Number two, your statement, “Sometimes I don’t want to run”, I will use as my mantra!!! Since summer is over, that is all I do… I knew there was a reason I love summer so much!

    1. Thanks Lisa for your kind words and your continued readership!

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