Right Action

I opened the paper this morning to read that a female shopper at a Walmart store in Batavia, NY was arrested after she assaulted a 70 y.o. greeter. The shopper plead her case and explained she found the company’s policy of greeters asking to see receipts as well as the contents of a shopper’s bag, offensive. I agree but this behavior does not excuse the shopper’s behavior. I was more incensed by the comment made by another reader who throughout her comment extolled the draconian policies of this retailer. Never once was the greeter or his condition mentioned by this writer. Unfortunately this speaks directly to what we have become in this country.

Here is the comment left by Marilyn of Huntley, IL.

“Walmart is the only store in the Chicago area that requires their customers to show their receipts upon exiting the store. I find the policy personally offensive and meaningless since the greeter neither checks the items in the Walmart bags or matches each item with the receipt. If you complain about this policy, you are informed to call Wal-mart at 1-800-wal-mart. Last time I was in Wal- mart I told the greeter that I wasn’t going to show my receipt when leaving and asked her what she was going to do about it. Answer: nothing. I refused to show my receipt when leaving and left the store. I find this policy offensive since it infers that all their customers are potential shoplifters. Wal-mart can’t be accused of profiling since everyone needs to show a receipt. (I am a white woman). We have become a nation of sheep. Maybe we need an occupy Wal-mart movement. I know that next time I am at Wal-mart and am forced to show my receipt, before doing so I am going to insist that the Greeter remove every item in my bags and compare each item on the receipt.”

Throughout the “holiday” season I read many blog posts and many newspaper articles which discussed how we have “lost” and “watered down” the Christmas spirit by using politically correct terms so as not to offend others.  I am not asking my readers to accept my view regarding shopping and spending; I am simply asking my readers use common sense when shopping and to be respectful of each other as you go about your spending; holidays nor not.
I truly hope Marilyn is really not as ignorant as this comment makes her appear and sees the behavior of the shopper for what it was… unbelievable and to use the excuse she was “disrespected.” In the Buddhist faith we would refer to this as a violation of “Right Action.”
Let’s grow up and accept responsibility for our behavior and realize we are not alone in our society, we do have a responsibility to each other and that is to be respectful of each other regardless of their job and your belief that it may not qualify as important.

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