I went to sleep…

I went to sleep the other night a little bummed about the 7:30 AM meeting I am required to attend in the morning. I could have gone to sleep earlier, risen earlier and still got my run in but I chose not to. It was a good choice because when my alarm sounded at 5:30 I lay in bed for a few minutes and listened to the gently falling rain. I jumped in the shower and went back to my bedroom where I reached for my meditation cushion. I set my meditation timer for twenty-minutes and settled in to recenter myself for the long day to come. 

This mornings meditation was amazing; the rain gently falling outside; the accompaniment to my meditation. Truth be told I could have sat on that cushion the remainder of the day. Unfortunately my boss would have had an issue with my absence from this meeting and from my office the remainder of the day. My body was at the office but my mind remained on the cushion.
My mind wandered throughout the day, every now and then touching on the subject of running. I’m not a huge fan of running in the early evening despite the many positives promised for a run at this time of day. My appointment for 6 PM cancelled and I decided to run. I arrived home, slipped into my running gear and set out. I fell into my rhythm much easier than I do when run early in the morning. The stiffness in my legs was also not present. I covered the first two miles and realized this run felt much easier than my morning runs. 
I ran into the driveway about an hour later. Sweat was dripping from my head and a smile graced my face. 

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