I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It is usually me who carries the weight of emotional sentiments and deep moments in our relationship. It are these deep emotional moments which keep us tethered to each others sides. On the outside I wear my heart on my sleeve, Nancy is my calm and collected counterpart. We are a perfect balance and nobody protects my sleeve the way Nancy does.
I cry at the drop of an emotional hat. It takes little to stir the emotional pot and for it to begin to overflow. When I meet with a couple to discuss the plans for their wedding I often find the emotions beginning to stir within. I begin to think and plan out shots based on their personality. The same is true when I walk with a couple while photographing their engagement session. My mind and my eyes wander; looking for that photographic moment which captures the essence of the couple.
Still photography, for me is the medium with which I connect. There is nothing like a solid black and white photo to bring out the emotion of a photograph. Our eyes and our hearts are not lost in the vibrancy of the color. Often, when I look back at weddings and portrait sessions which I’ve photographed, the moment in time when I pressed the shutter button comes flooding back. The sights, sounds, smells and laughter of that captured moment become forever imprinted in my brain.

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