Complain, complain, complain

We sat in the restaurant waiting for our drink order to be delivered. The dining area is open and spacious, sliding door son either end open, allowing acool breeze to waft through the dining area. Our drink orders arrived and the pleasant waitress took our food order. We talked about the morning, what we would do this afternoon and how much we were looking forward to receiving our food. Our food arrived and along with it a pleasant “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

As we enjoyed our lunches a small group was being seated at a table adjacent to ours. Within minutes of being seated the complaints began. One complained about the strength of the breeze while another complained about the temperature of the breeze. I looked down, my chin resting on my clasped hands. A smile crossed my face and it was accompanied by a slight chuckle. Nancy asked me “What’s so funny?” I explained and as I did I recalled I am one of the few people who uses this thing called “common sense.”

The complaints persisted until one of the four suggested moving to another table. This too brought several complaints to the surface as a decision could not be reached considering optimal temperature and the force of the wind. One of the party loudly complained to her peers, “I’m carrying all of the menus.”

When did we become such a nation of complainers? I am unsure. A simple request to the waitress to close one of the doors or even to suggest another location in the large dining expanse would have proven to be more productive.

I learned from my disabled father many years ago it was considered impolite to complain. It was however considered polite and even respectful to ask that a change be made. Instead we assume that others around us, if they hear us complain will assume we are actually requesting a change and make it for us.

To those who would simply complain, I say to you, “Shut up!” I have little, actually no desire to listen to your complaints. If you need something ask. Please do not assume that those around you actually understand your complaining to be a cry for help.


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