The Vibration of Life

I was inspired by my friend Amber to write this post. I read a post from Amber. A post which brought a silent smile to my face. The door to my office closed; a gaping hole in my schedule. I took this opportunity to do some self work.

I put my hands together in Anjali Mudra, closed my eyes and brought my hands to my chest. I began to rub my hands together and slowly moved them away from my chest. Anjali “two handfuls.” The meaning is derived from cupping the hands together as if holding something within.  It is a gesture of salutation, a symbol of respect and devotion to a higher being. The palms of both hands are joined together at chest level, with the right thumb placed over the left in a universal gesture of homage and prayer. 
I rubbed my hands together slowly and then faster. My smile grew as I returned my hands to my chest. I could feel me…the vibration that is my life force. The feeling extended down my arms and throughout my body settling in my heart. This is the same feeling I receive on one of those runs where everything is clicking. That run where, if it were not for the constraints of the clock, I feel like I could run forever.
Take a few minutes today, place your palms together, rub them together and feel the energy. Feel the freedom to be you.

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