Running in the Rain

I woke early and easily this morning. My internal alarm clock my only guide. I lay in bed listening to the rain. My solitude punctuated by distant rumbles of thunder.

I rose, changed and headed for the door, the anticipation of a run my only thought. I opened the door, watched the rain and retreated back into the comfort of my house. I thought I would wait until the intensity of the rain decreased. After several minutes and the thought of previous runs in the rain, I smiled and returned outside. The rain continued. A sense of calmness and solitude enveloped me as I gazed into the darkness; the sound of the rain as it danced on the awning overhead.

I set my watch and headed out the door accompanied by only my running shoes and shorts. The rain pelted my bare back. It felt cool and refreshing. My stride and breath are now in synch as I run my usual route. As I come to the next turn I decide to run a different route. The rain my steady companion as it whispered in my ear.

I feel like a steeple chase runner as my feet splash through deep puddles, reminiscent of small lakes. The intensity of the rain increases and then fades. The rhythm of the rain fading and increasing as the distance of this run also increased.  As I splashed through the puddles, water splashed back at me. I felt like a small child enjoying the solitude and peacefulness of the rain. 

I know I am an oddity; running in the rain and at this time of day when most others are nestled silently in the warmth of their bed. There is a calmness for me in that feeling.

My run is smooth. My gait intact. My footfalls nearly silent. My body is immersed in the rain and in solitude. My soul is reborn; baptized by the rain.



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