Fall is a time of reflection and introspection…

Today is the official first day of Fall. The weather the last couple of weeks told that story. Looking at a calendar was not necessary. 

The breeze outside rustles the leaves which will shortly begin their transformation from the healthy green glow to vibrant red, green, yellow and gold. All of this in anticipation of their imminent death. For some, the move from summer to fall marks a time of sadness and often depression. The  winter months in the Northeast are marked by snow and cold and the stark contrast of back and white. But there is beauty to be seen if one simply looks with an open mind.

There is a change in the temperature which has been noticeable the past couple of weeks. There is also a smell in the air which was absent during the hot months of summer.

Most noticeable during this wonderful time of year is the abbreviation of our day. It has not been shortened, but one’s perception as a result of the abbreviated daylight is that which makes this statement true. The amount of available daylight makes the day not only interesting but also hurried. We try to fit into the same shortened daylight hours what was once easy during the lengthy, dog days of summer. 

Now is a time, an opportunity to stop and look around us. A time to use the days with their abbreviated daylight to reassess ourselves and our goals. Our pace slows, our stride shortened. Our breath also more deep as we drink in the cool air. 

We have an opportunity at our fingertips; an opportunity that is available but only once every year. It is a time to adjust my pace; to slow down and reflect. An opportunity to be introspective. An opportunity to adjust and fine tune my goals. it is a gradual change which allows the body, soul and mind an opportunity to adapt. Depression used to accompany this time for me. Depression still knocks at the door and asks for admission. There are times when it is difficult to ward off these feelings but I will not allow it to be my companion. Instead I will continue to be a part of the outdoors. I will continue to enjoy what others have left for me in my own time; my own solitude.

The crunch of leaves and eventually snow will crunch beneath my feet and snowshoes as a smile will cross my face.

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