October Rain

The wind rattled the still leaf laden trees outside my bedroom window. As I heard this beautiful symphony I slowly began to wake. The sun at this late October angle filtered through the remaining golden colored leaves as they continue to hang to their perch. The sunlight is like Fool’s Gold – The temperature outdoors does not meet the visible expectations.

I arrived at my destination ready to photograph another family. I purposely arrived early so I could bask in the beauty of the day. The sky remains blotchy and mostly overcast. Rain drops began to dance on the windshield. A few gulls rise with the cool, lazy current, searching for food which can easily be scavenged from the passing tourists.

As I walked around Goat Island with this family my thoughts turned to the cool drizzle. I wished I had been alone and did not have my main camera with me. I would have loved to have been on this walk, sauntering on the beaten path around the park and lacking the worries attached to my professional camera. I watched the children as they also enjoyed the drizzle and cool temperatures. I thought of my youth and the happiness which accompanied those memories.


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