The journal & the squirrel

I find myself back on Goat Island. The same location as the previous day. The weather is quite an improvement over that of the previous day. Golden light was streaming through the leaves and into my bedroom window throwing a golden blanket on the ground.
The sun is shining and I can hear the roar of the rapids just a few hundred feet away. The sun, high in the sky filters through the trees and the now golden leaves. The leaves, kissed with the golden light of the sun. A cool breeze gently rustles the leaves and shakes some of those same leaves from their perch. I have witnessed all of these things from the safety and security of the interior of my car. 
As I exit my car, the sights, sounds and smells of Fall become more pronounced. A squirrel tentatively makes his way across the field to the picnic table where I sit. Periodically he stops, rises to his hind legs, sniffs the air and surveys this field like a soldier peering around the corner of a building looking for a sniper. I lose sight of him and as a result he leaves my consciousness. Minutes later he rises as if from the dead. He joins me on the picnic table; any sense of fear appears to have evaporated. He peers at me with hungry eyes. He’s looking for the possibility of a snack, a free meal. Unsure what to expect he inches closer. I reach not my pocket and his forward progress grinds to a halt. I rest a morsel of food between my thumb and forefinger. He approaches tentatively and like a welcome  old friend he takes the food. He has come to know man in this place. His fellow has grown accustomed to the handouts which are abundant. Life for this fellow has become easy.
As I watched my new friend devour his meal, my thoughts turn to Thoreau and his time at Walden Pond. His quote “simplify, simplify, simplify” is one which I am practicing on this day. I recap my favorite fountain pen and place it in the fold of my journal. My head leans back like a plant following the warmth of the sun. My smile widens and brightens as the rays of the sun also warm my soul.


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