A Christmas glow

I woke shortly after Nancy did; the kids would not be following for sometime as they retired much later than Us. Nancy announced her desire to attend religious services with her mom. I made it my intention to attend my own brand of religious services. My services do not include a church per se, but do include a form of meditation which I find extremely beneficial; running outdoors. I needed this solitary run to think and to readjust my attitude. I was feeling sad as today did not feel like Christmas. The kids are older and the excitement of them opening gifts, their faces adorned with excited smiles are no more, or so I thought.

By the time I returned an hour later, Marissa had joined the world. I showered and in that time Nancy had returned home. Stephen followed minutes later. A hot cupcake coffee joined firmly with my hand while Marissa sat beneath the tree reading the names on gift tags and and handing out the gifts according to their recipient. As she handed out gifts, I smiled and thought of times past.

Inside I was still glowing from my earlier run; my attitude adjusted and with the smile and excitement on the faces of our kids it was assured the internal glow I felt would remain throughout the day. After the gifts were opened I reached for my journal and captured my thoughts. Then I reached for my stationary and wrote several than you notes. Writing these notes assured the internal glow would remain for hours to come.

Later in the day Stephen’s girlfriend arrived and the excitement remained. After dinner my nephews and my brother arrived and surprise, the glow continued.

I retired upstairs with a book. From time to time I put down the book and listened to the room full of young adults as they watched a movie.

A smile crossed my face and the glow continued.

Merry Christmas and Namaste


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