i had an idea in my head, an idea that made it to the pages of my journal. The same place most of my writing begins before it is added to the pages of this blog. The idea is one which I have used in my therapy sessions; with those individuals who feel depressed and anxious and struggle to find “why life is worth living.”

I write frequently in my journal of those things for which I am thankful. These writings, and my journal have helped me avoid burnout over the last 27-years. I refuse to allow my work as a therapist to take me to the dark places where it becomes easy to get lost and difficult to find ones way home.

The nib of a fine fountain pen gliding effortlessly across the page, the trail of ink left behind the metaphor for my thoughts. For in my daily gratitude journal it is things such as this for which I am thankful.

Today, this first day of January, I am thankful for my life, for my ability to run and for the sun which accompanied me on this beautiful day.




2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I was hunting for techniques for my very own site and came across ur post, “Gratitude | The Dharmata”, will you care in the
    event that I utilize a bit of of your ideas?
    Thank you ,Keith

    1. You’re welcome Keith. Absolutely! Use what you can. Namaste

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