Why do you hurry?

I drove down the street, my destination work. The car in front of me repeatedly depressed the brake pedal, brake lights flashing. I looked beyond that car and saw a school bus. The brake lights continued to flash. I watched as the same car repeatedly veered left toward the center line. I’ve seen this maneuver before. The driver appeared to be looking around the bus. Then it happened. I’m not sure why I’m stunned because I am the individual who waits for a second at green lights to allow those in a hurry to run the red light. The school bus tailgater passed the bus on a double yellow while it was stopped and had it’s flashing lights on. This is one of those times when I am happy to have a cell phone. The police did receive a call from me and hopefully this person received the ticket and admonition they deserve. These are the same individuals who careen carelessly through life on autopilot. Their only goal falls within their narrow range of vision.

I’m still not sure why the world is in such a hurry. When was the last time hurrying anywhere for anything actually got you ahead in life. Surely the additional stress you’re experiencing isn’t worth the effort.

What is it we’re afraid of? Why is it so difficult to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning, to go to bed a few minutes earlier? What is it we are afraid we will miss?

We have become deluded to believe things such as Facebook and Twitter are more important than spending time doing something constructive, like living our lives. 

I am in the process of closing my photography business. The stress caused in my life by younger people who several months after their wedding have still not chosen the photos for their album complaining in a dramatic fashion, “I’m so busy!” I truly lack any level of understanding of such a statement. This, to me, is nothing more than a simple minded excuse. I’m being asked to tie up my income for an undetermined period of time because you’re “so busy!” I don’t want to close my business but my love for this art form is waning. 

The excuses I hear throughout the day from tardy patients, lazy individuals who are “too busy” is simply frustrating. Closing my photo business is a good thing. I am not interested in the additional stress and excuses that others choose to use as the rules for which they live their life.

I refuse to change my life to bend to the whims of others for such ridiculousness. I will not drive faster because you are tailgating me. When you forward your photos for your wedding album several months after your wedding and the new wedding season has begun, I’ll get to your book when I have a chance. I would do it now, but “I’m so busy!”

These are the times when I think of my friend Thoreau and long to “simplify.” Closing my photo business is my first step in this process.

I will find myself in the Adirondack mountains in two weeks. I will relish the solitude; the silence and the peace offered by the winter landscape. 



4 thoughts on “Why do you hurry?

  1. I am really sorry to hear this! Your work is awesome not only because of the product but because of the care and effort that you put into your photography! What a loss…it must have been a difficult decision. I am sad to read this. The time you spend and quality of your work cannot be compared. I don’t know anyone who puts as much effort into something as you! That is a quality about you that I admire! Whatever your endeavor is next I am sure it will be met with as much energy, ambition, and care as your photography!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I am not sorry nor do I feel sad. It is a small price to pay to ensure my sanity. I will never put my camera down and continue to accept business. This time business will be accepted on my terms. If the public chooses to hire me that’s great. If they choose not to that too is OK. I will focus on my private practice as this gives me the energy that many of my photo customers have tried to take from me.

      1. It is apparent that your steadfastness brings you peace. Good for you! I am glad you will never put your camera down.

      2. Thank you Lisa! I could never put my camera down. I enjoy family photo sessions and landscape photography to much. I look forward to photographing your family this Spring.

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