Running & Narcissism

I began running around 1978. I was inspired by Frank Shorter’s Olympic Gold in the marathon in 1972. I ran for different reasons than he. I ran to be introspective. I ran because it felt good; the freedom felt good. I ran maybe because I was running from something or maybe because I was searching for something. I ran trails behind my childhood home before trail running was “cool.”

Back in the day, I think I’m old enough to use that term now you guessed at your mileage. If you wanted to be high tech, you tracked your route by riding a bicycle with an odometer or by tracing your route in the family car. If you wanted to keep time you used a stopwatch or maybe even a Timex Ironman watch. Then you’d use old school math to figure out your pace. The only time you spoke of your mileage was when you were asked by another runner. Now with the plethora of social media, everyone in the world can know you’re every move.

For the last year, I’ve been tracking my mileage on a website called “Dailymile.” I use a Garmin GPS watch which tells me my pace per mile, total distance run and once uploaded to a website it’ll even track and show my route which I can then store and share with others. I have to admit this is cool and I have no desire to return to the old school method of tracking mileage. Once uploaded to Dailymile I shared my accomplishments on Twitter and Facebook. Often I’d find myself running a pace or increasing mileage for the sheer recognition of accomplishment. Injury and depression would often find me as I needed to get up earlier and earlier to run.

I’m returning to run for the original reason I began; for myself, for the answers I get from being out on the road. I’m not interested in the pressure, there’s enough of that in this world today and I am it interested in adding to that stress. Running us and always has been a stress reliever for me. If I run faster, great. If I cover a greater distance, greater.

Im not going to post my runs to Twitter and Facebook anymore, so, if you’d like to continue to follow my running you can find me at Search me out if you’re interested. If not, that’s cool too.


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