April Fools…a little late.

April Fools Day! The sun shines and the clouds laying gently across a palate of blue remind me of the days when I lay in a field during summer staring up at the sky and guessing the shapes which they made.

Through the walls of the house I hear the steady roar of the wind. Through the window of my room I can see the bud encrusted branches being blown about by the same wind. They are at the whim of the wind; soon to grow into the leaves which will provide the beauty and shade of these magnificent trees.
The sunlight this morning is deceiving as the temperature hovers just a degree or two above freezing. Snow showers are in the forecast for this day and for much of the week making the decision not to ride the scooter to work an easy one.
I sit and listen to the quiet, interrupted only by the rhythmic ticking of a nearby clock as it marks each passing second.
Briefly I put down my fountain pen and watch in wonder as Jack’s lungs fill with air and then expel that same breath only to repeat the cycle. His eyes remain closed and he remains fast asleep. I sit with wonder and guess as to the thoughts which gently go through his head.
He appears content with what he has: a full stomach, a dish of fresh, cold water, fresh food, a soft bed and a human who scratches him behind the ears until he makes that sound that signals contentment. Briefly his eyes open. He looks in my direction as if he knows he is crossing my thoughts.
Perhaps we have something to learn from our animal friends about the simplicity of life.

2 thoughts on “April Fools…a little late.

  1. I like this! The irony of seeing the sunlight and hoping for warmth only to feel the cold. Also, I love your reference to animals teaching us the simple things in life!

    1. Thank you Lisa. It is important to be introspective in our lives and to allow ourselves the opportunity for everything and everyday experiences to be our teacher.

      On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 10:17 AM, The Dharmata

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