October morning

I rose early but tentatively. The darkness outside urging me to remain within the confines of the house. I sat on the edge of my bed eager to run but equally eager to remain beneath the warm blankets. I glanced between my pillow and the glowing face of the clock. Time was continuing to tick away. If I dressed now I would have time for four miles. If I returned to bed, sleep would more than likely elude me, thoughts racing around my head. I reminded myself how much better I feel when I follow my heart and run.

In the end, the desire to run won out as it usually does. 

The run, refreshing and rejuvenating helped my day get off to a solid start. I stopped by Fisherman’s park along the Niagara River, a stop I enjoy making because of the opportunities to enjoy the solid of the morning. A quick “Hi” to two passing runners; they were leaving and I was entering. The cooler Fall temperatures ensured I did not remain stationery too long. The muscles of my thighs beginning to tighten against the increasing breeze. I reached down with gloved hands and gave them a cursory rub. I leaned forward and ran the remainder of the distance home.

I reached the house and was greeted by Jack’s wagging tail. We walked around the house and retreated to the front porch where we both enjoyed the remaining silence of the morning. He sat to my left, sphinx like. His gaze remained transfixed on the squirrels criss-crossing the lawn gathering food for the communing winter. The remnants of a beautiful sunrise still kissed the leaves, remaining attached to their branches. The air has a noticeable twinge to it as we inch closer to Fall. The sounds of Fall also change as we creep closer to Winter. Fallen leaves, now dry and crumpled, crack beneath each footstep. A car passes and the wind created by this passing vehicle creates enough turbulence that it stirs the leaves making a sound rarely if ever heard during other times of the year. Rain, now more common drenches the soil. Puddles remained from the previous nights downpour. Cars create a splash as they disturb the still puddles on the side of the road. 

It is time to rise and shower, to meet the remainder of the day head on and to make it a beautiful day.

Today was a good day!




1 thought on “October morning

  1. Indeed, lacing up and getting out the door can be the most challenging part! 🙂

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