Follow the yellow brick road.

I love the change of seasons. In Western New York I have the luxury of experiencing the cold of Winter; the warmer, lengthening days of Spring; the humidity of summer and the cool, crispness of Fall. I live in an area bordered by Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, the Erie Canal and Niagara River and I am just 6 short hours from the gorgeous Adirondack region. For someone who loves water, this is truly heaven.

When I run during Fall, I live for those days when the planets align; I can run later than 4:30 AM, the sun is shining and the leaves have begun to change and to fall, their crispness sounding beneath each footstep.

This past week I used several of the vacation days which had been accumulating. I rose, parted the blinds and smiled as the Falls’s warmth touched my face. I dressed for my run and headed down to a path which follows the Erie Canal. I smiled as I ran in part because I was running but I was also anticipating the view which was waiting for me.

Go out into this beautiful world and see it for all of it’s majesty. Experience and be mindful of the changing sights, sounds and smells.




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