The gratitude walk

As I get older I have more appreciation for life, my life, for how I spend my time. I realize that while it’s important to make money, it’s not important to waste money, to spend money foolishly.

Several weeks ago I purchased a GoPro camera. I thought about this purchase for several months thinking, “I’ll never use it the way I’ve seen others use it.” I decided it was important or maybe this was just a way to justify such a purchase but I felt it was important to document the activities that I love to enjoy. If others feel the same happiness as I and it prompts others to get outside and have fun, well that’s just a bonus.

Lately I’ve been busy at my office. Busy is good, being overly busy is not, at least not for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my work. This is a blessing for which I am grateful. The only time I don’t enjoy my work is when I neglect the balance in my life. When emotions are out of balance I find myself tired, easily angered and with a low tolerance for frustration. I no longer want it to get to this point. I have experienced panic attacks in the past and know this is a place in my life which I have no interest in returning.


Solitude, the solitude found in nature is important to me and at the foundation of my happiness. On my way to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, I decided to stop at Devil’s Hole State Park. I didn’t have the necessary time to enjoy the walk down into the gorge so I enjoyed a hike along the upper level path. The solitude of the visit recharging my internal batteries as I craned my neck to hear the water rushing through the lower rapids hundreds of feet below. So close but yet so far. I stopped several times and thought about the time spent with family on Thanksgiving. There are many things for which I am grateful. They are too numerous for me to mention. I am reminded of them daily when I write in my journal and I step into the wilderness.

I hope you enjoy the video of this hike and it inspires you to get outdoors and enjoy life.



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