I am tired and frustrated…

It is with hands clasped in prayer and with much gratitude which I  greet you.
I had one of those days today and yesterday and the day before. It is what it is. I expect to have some of “those” days from tinme to time.
My frustration is not with “those” days. My frustration is with “those” people with whom  I am forced to interact and those with whom I choose to interact. It is with their rudeness, self-importance, disrespect and failure to acknowledge another or their own indiscretion.
I see others smile infrequently. When I smile, I am often asked, “Why are you in such a good mood?” or “Why are you smiling?” I smile often and frequently because it helps pick up my mood when I am feeling down. I smile because it helps others to pick up their mood when they are feeling down.
I read this quote from the Dalai Lama. He said, “When you help others, do so out of respect. Don’t look down on them. Serve other human beings with a compassionate intent.” I do this frequently. I would say “all of the time” and more than likely be accurate but I am not perfect. I do have a pretty intact value system which does not allow me to treat others poorly and disrespectfully regardless of what is going in their life without feeling intense pangs of guilt. It’s my moral compass, my true north.
I have but one question…”Why can’t others do the same?” I would even find it acceptable if the guy who sits in the hall who I walk by and say “Hi” would return this simple acknowledgement. It really is the “little things.” I don’t need a million dollars to be happy. A smile, a tip of the hat, a “good day to you” from time-to-time would be nice.
I have a hope for all of my readers…HAVE AN AMAZING DAY! Help others to have an amazing day. It really doesn’t take much. You don’t need to pay it forward in the coffee line, although that would be nice. Let’s just try to each be a little bit nice to each other throughout the day.

1 thought on “I am tired and frustrated…

  1. To paraphrase, “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Namaste

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