I have nothing to say

I have nothing to say.

My wife would agree to disagree. When I get started, it’s a difficult task to get me to stop. When I’ve heard my voice enough it can be a difficult task to get me started talking. I talk all day through multiple therapy sessions so when I have an opportunity to remain quiet, I cherish it.

There are times when all I want to do is close my eyes and let the world simply fade away. This is often the best option when the noise of the day becomes overwhelming. I know when it borders on becoming unbearable because the Tinnitus becomes worse. I want to curl up with my Kindle and a cup of black coffee or grab my camera and go for a walk. Depending on the time of year, the Kindle will almost always win out.

feet up

If it’s a walk or as Thoreau said, a “saunter”, I generally have an idea where I’d like to go. I gravitate toward water… There is a sense of calm which I find when I’m around water.

The creeks which I visit and along which I walk, wind like the roads by which they are bordered. This adds to the excitement of the saunter because I never know what I might find right around the next bend.

What Fall foliage?

It’s November 1st and the majority of the trees in the area retain their leaves. The bright colors of Fall seem to have bypassed us. Instead of the bright colors, we’re used to seeing this time of year, instead, they have gone from green to yellow to brown. The foliage remains it is the bright colors which are absent. I’m hoping the snow doesn’t make an appearance until the trees are bare.


It’s been wet. I’ve seen the sun once or twice in the past few weeks and it has rained a lot. This week has been especially wet. Saturday and Sunday were damp, dark and rainy. The kind of day where if I didn’t need to let the dog out, I probably wouldn’t have left the house. I’ve walked the dog around the house and see leaves poking out of the top of the gutters. They need to be cleaned but it’s too wet and they’re still too many leaves left on the trees to even think about beginning this task.

When I leave the house there is almost always a hat on my head. When the weather turns wet, I grab my trusty Filson hat.


A warm Fall and warm transition to Winter is forecast. I will not complain.



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