Winter begins…

I rose this morning and walked to the window. My fingers parted the blind. I bring my face close and peer between the partially open slats hoping there is still no snow on the ground.

When November and December arrive I am excited to look outside and see the absence of snow and the hope that even the smallest amount of sunlight may make an appearance.

Bandit and I go for a walk. The air temperature hitting 26-degrees. The breeze stirring the now naked tree branches makes the temperature feel much colder. Bandit appears to enjoy the temperature. He seems happy that I remembered to put his sweater on him. Of course, he has never yet seen snow so we’ll have to wait and see his reaction when we receive our first measurable snowfall.

I return home and dress for work forgetting to remotely start the car. When did I become so weak? Is it weakness? I know as I  grow older  I feel the cold differently. It seems to go right through me. When I return from a walk it often takes me some time to warm.

I hit the remote starter on my car hoping to warm it sufficiently before it is time for me to drive to the office.  This tool would have been welcomed when I was much younger and it felt like it took forever for the car to warm. The windshield wipers were an effective tool to remove the light covering of snow.


Shortly after arriving at my office rays of sunshine began to stream through the slightly open blinds. The sun, this time of year is always at a lower angle than during the summer. I tilted my monitor down so my view of the screen was not obscured by incoming sunshine.


During November and December and especially during those months stuck in the middle of winter, I refuse to close the blinds. One is never sure when and for what length of time the sun will make its next appearance.


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