Is it spring yet?

Is it spring yet?The calendar says yes. The weather says otherwise.

I returned very early Monday 5/6/2019 after spending a week in Florida where for that week I jump started my transition from the winter weather to that of spring and summer. My vitamin D now replenished at least for a short time I boarded the plan to return home to find the cold, dark, gray skies which often accompany rain had never left.

I woke this morning after a good night’s sleep and tentatively peered through the partially open blinds. At some point during the night, the rain which has dogged us to the tune of 17 plus inches so far this year had returned. I heard the figure this morning on the news and tried to see in my mind’s eye what 17″ looks like. Because it comes gradually it’s difficult to comprehend.

It’s never been unknown to me how important the sun is or for me to see the sun even if it’s just a few minutes each day. The heavy gray clouds which have hung so low since early last week has caused those symptoms of sadness to reappear. Like a cold winter day when the thought of pushing back the warm blankets and facing freezing temperatures brings on other thoughts of remaining in bed and shucking all responsibility, this weather we have been experiencing brings about the same thoughts.

I do what I need to do. I make a mental gratitude list and remind myself there will be people who will not have the luxury of waking today. I adjust settings on my camera which allow me to focus on the more prevalent shades of black and white as there is little color in the nature surrounding me today. I find happiness in the black and white photographs which I make today. The lack of vibrant color and the decision to not make computer aided adjustments to my photos remind me “it is what it is.” An Adirondack lake in black and white holds as much beauty for me as does the same lake seen in color.I remind myself that the rain, like other things shall pass and it will be replaced by sunlight. And when that sunlight does come there is more appreciation for the rain which has dogged me these past few weeks. The colors of the leaves on the trees will be more vivid and almost seem to not be real. I am grateful for the eyes which I still have and my desire to see these things which nature has seen fit to grace my senses and allow myself to appreciate their beauty.

Like John Burroughs said, “We love the sight of the brown and ruddy earth; it is the color of life, while a snow covered plain is the face of death. Yet snow is but the mask of the life-giving rain; it too, is the friend of man, the tender, sculpturesque, immaculate, warming, fertilizing snow.” I cannot complete this writing without adding one of my favorite quotes from Burroughs. “He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.”

Namaste my friends. Find some happiness today in the things for which you also find gratitude.


1 thought on “Is it spring yet?

  1. Hello Criss I shall Be back like every year like always, july, Mark an me have come round a few times, the past few years and you have not been in. I just wanted to say hello, I still have no news on Bob drimmer, and last year I was invited to go on your channel 4. Bur I still had no luck, would you send me your phone number so that I can check if your in. Best wishes to you and your Family      Dave Smithers ( England)

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