The Path

I am sitting in my basement in a haircutting chair. My wife cutting my hair in anticipation of our son’s wedding Saturday. I am reading through glasses stained by now tears which have dried and stained the lenses. The book, “Forgotten Sundays” by Gerry Sandusky is held in my hand and I am reminded of the preciousness of human life. It is a reminder to live each day to its fullest potential, without regrets and with as much happiness and gratitude as possible. The tears come from the ricochet of thoughts mostly as they relate to my dad and his recent diagnosis of Dementia.

Last night I drove to my parents home to pick up my father to take him to Kujo’s stag. My son’s name is Stephen with a “PH” because we wanted to make sure people called him Stephen and not Steve. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The moniker “Kujo” was given to him when he played little league football. It was a play on the name of that vicious and ferocious St. Bernard in the Stephen King book, “Cujo.” “K” because our last name begins with that letter. He was as ferocious on the football field as a linebacker could be while always ensuring he gave acknowledgement to players on both sides of the ball. He helped up those players he just tackled and often gave them a pat on the back acknowledging their hard work.

I have watched with a smile my son become the things which I have struggled to achieve. We have both found success and happiness. He seems to have listened to the conversations we have had over these years and has put into action the tools we have discussed. His actions, his persistence, fortitude and willingness to go after the things which he desires in life apparently with little self-doubt has been amazing to watch. He has learned to move with the flow and not fight the current. He allows life to carry him. He is the captain of his life.

Stephen has found at a relatively young age what I hope to see my clients achieve in my work with them. To learn to not judge the thoughts they have but to make decisions based on what is happening right now which will help them achieve the goals which they have for themselves. Kujo has learned to see the path and to walk the path knowing adjustments may need to happen to correct his route when he finds himself going off course.

Find your path.


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