January is complete. Today being the last day.  For at least one minute I’ll be cliche

I have taken the month off from everything in life with the exception of those things that absolutely needed to be done. Time was even taking off from journaling. I have journaled non-stop for over two years. I’m not sure if I had nothing to say or if I had something to say but I just couldn’t put those thoughts into coherent sentences. People who know me would disagree with the first part of that last sentence. I have thoughts about quite a few things and if asked I will share them.  

Lately my give a damn has been busted. There are issues on which I wanted to comment but I lacked the energy to do so. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. 

January was filled with a multitude of stresses all of which were managed with the help of my meditation practice.  There was the theft of my identity to purchase a new iPhone. I can laugh at it now after everything is said and done. The question I would pose to the thief is “Why not go for the iPhone 11? Why the 8?” 

There are always meetings. Often I’m unsure why we have them. All too often little gets accomplished and I spend time thinking of all the work which I could be doing. 

The holidays are always a stressful time for me. I do my best to lay low but that’s difficult. Some of the things which I hear falling from the mouths of others continues to astound me. I bite my tongue, do my best to walk away because if I say what I’m thinking…well I think you get where I’m going with this. 

There is a quote by Thoreau where he says, “Things don’t change, people change.” As I get older and I spend more time in this world and more time in my profession of social work, I find myself becoming more frustrated with the idiocy with which I seem to be surrounded. I have been referred to as curmudgeonly. The moniker of curmudgeon is one which I wear and will continue to wear with pride. For now, If I am not seeing clients at night, I will continue to see fit to immediately change into my pajamas and bathrobe and spend the night quietly with a book. 

I have always known that our time on Earth is short and as I get older I’m reminded that I am on the short end of that equation. I wish to spend the majority of time with people with whom I want to have a relationship. Hopefully they also want to have one with me. I will sit quietly outdoors, read my book, ponder the current state of society and pass the time on my terms.  

As I had knee surgery and with the surgeon’s support and encouragement, I have stopped running. As a result I think it’s time to change the name of my blog. Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed. 


2 thoughts on “January

  1. Hello My Friend 👋🏼 How about for a New Blog name “ The Life Coach “ 👍🏻

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you. I like that. It goes into the hat.

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