The Monday Morning Blues

The silence of my sleep was broken this morning by an alarm that was set at a volume that was too high. I lay in bed for a few minutes contemplating the start of another week and questioning staying beneath a warm blanket. My more rational mind began to kick in and I thought, “If I stay in bed and am lucky enough to return to sleep, what’s another hour going to do?” Instead I rose, took my medication and jumped on the bike completing a hard 8-mile ride.

After a shower I retreated to the kitchen where I made a pot of coffee to be enjoyed later at work. I put Bandit’s harness on him, grabbed his leash and a flashlight and we entered the still dark morning for our walk. We were met by a cold misty rain. The type of rain that is a painful reminder of the weather that is to come. Looking at the weather I was reminded that the freak weather we had last Friday that pushed temperatures into the mid-seventies is all but gone for the next 6-months. We move the clocks back in another week losing yet another hour of daylight and adding to the depression that I know will follow for many.

As Bandit and I walked in the mist, I ran a video through my head that I had seen by Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve included a link for his “Monday Morning Motivational” video. If you’re so inclined you can watch it here. I thought how lucky I am to have this Monday morning because there will be people who will not have this opportunity. Fleetwood Mac said “Monday morning you sure look fine.”

As I drove to the office I thought of Marcus Aurelius saying, “You could leave life right now.” Who am I to complain especially as it relates to the things in life over which I have little to no control.”



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