Stress & Burnout

2020 has been a challenge for all of us there is no denying that fact.

As a social worker we frequently talk about “self-care.” We don’t necessarily do anything about or even follow through with any self-care plan. It’s a question asked in interviews and it often goes like this; “Do you have a self-care plan?” The answer is always, “Yes.” Frequently there are no follow-up questions. It is just assumed the interviewee is being honest and actually has and uses a self-care plan. A couple of quick follow-up questions would allow us to see rarely is this true.

I’ve been a practicing social worker for 30+ years. I have been lucky to have a couple of great supervisors. They took me under their wing and helped me develop into the person and the social worker I am today. As a result of their prodding and my desire to become a healthier adult, I developed and continue to practice a self-care plan. Writing is one of those portions of my plan. I journal everyday. I meditate everyday. I ride a stationary bike everyday. I read, you guessed it…everyday.

A friend reached out to me today and reminded me to “take care of myself.” He sent me the following picture…


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