I didn’t run today & I won’t be running tomorrow

I went to bed last night excited about the freezing temperatures forecast for tomorrow. Some of us who live in the North are simply crazy while others want to impress others by running in what others might deem “crazy” weather. 

As I lay in bed reading I heard what sounded like rain. It was a possibility as the temperature had risen steadily throughout the day. I put down my Kindle, rose and walked to the window where I parted the blinds. I bent down and squinted between the opened slats and verified the sound. It was in fact raining. I turned on the radio and listened to the weather. The forecast called for the rain to cease by the time my alarm sounded at 4:30 AM.
Sleep found me and let me go, several times during the night. I woke at 3:00 AM and repeated my earlier scenario. I woke, rose and walked to the window where I parted the blinds once again. I bent and peered through the parted slats and with disgust closed the opening. It was still raining. I enjoy running in the rain but not when it’s 35-degrees outside. I returned to my bed but before becoming one with the warm flannel sheets, I reset my alarm. This time, with all the hope in the world, I would not wake again until 6. Unfortunately this hope would be dashed like waves on the ocean crashing onto a rocky shore. I smiled. A decision well made. Sleep found me.
My alarm sounded and after completing all of those tasks which allow use to be ready for the day, I ventured outside slipping and sliding to my car. Confirmation that this decision was in fact well made. Driving to the office was further confirmation as I watched as cars slid along the ice covered road.
I sat in my office and watched as the weather changed several times throughout the day. As my day grew to an end the intensity of the wind picked up and with it the snow. As I drove home, I heard the weather report which indicated the winds were now considered to be a “blizzard.” Cars inched along the road barely topping 25mph. The wind speed increased to a consistent 30-plus mph and the temperature continued to drop. By the time I went to bed, the air temperature had dropped to -5 while the wind chill lowered it to -25. I’m crazy but I’m not stupid. There won’t be a run for me for the next couple of days.
If you’re running in the cold make sure you dress warmly and cover exposed skin. Don’t run, especially in such conditions simply to impress others. There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two off.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t run today & I won’t be running tomorrow

  1. Stuck inside here for day number 2. Trying to enjoy the “rest.” Good luck in the cold.

  2. I agree! Once it hits below zero I’m happy to take the day off. The bright side is that now temperatures in the 20’s and teens seem almost warm.

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