A Drab Day

Yesterday morning I woke to more gray, more drab. Bandit and I walked and again we were caught in the rain.

There is a quote from Viktor Frankl which I like. “The last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one’s way.”

This quote graces the once barren space above my desk. You would think if I see this quote everyday it might be easier to easier to live by. It isn’t.

I returned from my walk filled the hot water pot. Meanwhile the desire to make my own coffee escaped. I drove to a local coffee shop purchased my coffee and upon leaving bit the head off of another person because he opted to not use his turn signal.

I returned home and retreated to the solitude of my office where I sat and stared at that quote. This time the words stuck with me.

Something has been bothering me. Thoughts drifted to the busyness of my schedule. My recently married son who has moved out leaving us as “empty nesters.” My flexibility with others while others refuse to be flexible with me. The rain and gray, drab skies which seem to be more common this summer. I was reminded, as I read Frankl’s words  of the idea that I choose my attitude.

By the time I left my office with an empty coffee cup and a little worse for the wear for allowing myself to be caught in the vicious cycle of self-loathing, my attitude had changed. Given the time to ensure I take care of myself and remind myself that my value system is often shared with others in theory only, I was a different person.


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