An Adirondack morning.

I woke with anticipation and parted the curtains covering the window over my bed. My excitement grew as my eyes witnessed what would become a blue sky. The mountains remained black except for the line of orange light which was creeping along the mountain tops. This light, as the sun grew higher would begin to creep down the mountain. Morning is here. The solitude in the Adirondack’s is much sweeter than home.

I left our cabin, gloved hand holding a steaming cup of coffee, mindful that in -15-degree temperatures the coffee would not steam for long. One look a the sky let me know today’s weather would be a gift. The weather earlier in the week and for the coming week was forecast to be cloudy and overcast. One particular cloud caught my eye. It was in the shape of the letter “z.” I appeared to have been painted by the hand of a lazy water colorist, it’s shape very different from the surrounding clouds.

The snow crunched loudly beneath my feet, announcing every step taken. I paused and looked around, this place as good as any to take in the solitude which had been gifted to me this morning.

I stood eyes closed, steaming coffee in hand, my head tilting toward the sky. A smile crossed my face. This is an Adirondack morning.



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